Secretary of the Scientific Affairs Secretariat and responsible to the Dean of the College in accordance with the provisions and law of the College of Science and Technology
The auxiliary frameworks for the Secretary of the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs are represented in a number of departments and sections, which are:

Admission Registration Department:
The head of the Admission and Coordination Department is responsible for applying the admission conditions approved by the college, issuing lists according to the admission lists of the General Administration of Admissions, approving students accepted by the Ministry, following up cases of university number, following up cases of freezing, resignations and special student cases, and supervising the admission of foreign students.

Academic Record Section:
  Preparing all the required statistics that help facilitate the work of the secretariat. And be responsible for the direct supervision of reviewing academic certificates and sending computerized lists of graduates to the Admissions Department and following up computerizing the results as well as other certificates.
- Supervising the preparation and implementation of exams and keeping the academic record of students
Preparing lists of graduates and making a permanent record for them.

Professors Affairs Department:
Preparing and supervising the procedures related to the promotions of faculty members. Appointing and training them and supervising teaching assistants and faculty members inside and outside Sudan in cooperation and academic development. The department includes following up various scientific activities such as conferences, seminars and workshops, developing teaching staff through adopting training programs, exploring areas of scientific and cognitive development and keeping up with them, and developing the capabilities of knowledge and research teaching staff. . Developing the creative scientific activity in the college and documenting all the activities of the Scientific Affairs Secretariat such as conferences, seminars, workshops, and seminars, and following up and disseminating their results to ensure the maximum possible benefit.

Scientific Council Section:
The department follows up on the work of councils and committees and is responsible for following up on the work of the Scientific Council.