The division aims to achieve the following objectives:-

Drawing a road map that leads to the institutionalization of the strategic planning management process in the college. Preparing development plans for the programs to ensure the preparation of a distinguished graduate capable of competition and creativity and meeting the needs of the community. For evaluation and accreditation, as well as the practices and requirements of regional and international institutions that award accreditation and quality certificates. Reaching the college to be a house of expertise that contributes to providing support and advice to various community institutions in all matters related to quality and academic accreditation. Establishing an integrated system for continuous self-evaluation of the college’s performance and quality assurance for its administrative and academic units. Establishing an integrated information system to evaluate performance and quality assurance in the college and follow up the evaluation results on a regular basis. Develop a training plan for programs and systems for quality assurance and qualification for accreditation, including faculty members, assistants, administrators and technicians in the college. Apply the college’s strategy with regard to quality (vision, mission, goals and objectives). Consulting services for program coordinators and departments Concerned with regard to quality assurance and qualification for accreditation. Evaluation of the educational process by measuring performance indicators for the inputs and outputs of the educational process (faculty - staff - students - graduates ... etc.). Evaluation system. Determining the strengths and weaknesses in the capabilities and study programs offered by the college and providing suggestions and appropriate means to overcome them. Upholding the values ​​of excellence and competitiveness in all affiliated disciplines.