About Program

Excellence in nursing and keep abreast of scientific and technical developments to achieve total leadership convictions It is worth saying that one of the reasons for the establishment of this college is the convictions of those in charge of its education as a fundamental basis for the progress of any nation and its leadership in various fields. It is necessary to search for innovative means to expand and develop it so that education becomes available to all, in which they find all the specializations they want and benefit from what is provided by the capabilities of the national private sector in terms of aids, means and a good integrated environment that achieves the fruits for which this project was.
Study Method

Teaching and training methods (theoretical and practical):
Theoretical teaching:

  • Enhanced lectures (lecture with discussion).
  • Panel discussions with large and small groups.
  • seminars.
  • Problem Solving.
  • self education.
  • Assignments.

Practical Training:
• Practical training to acquire skills first on models and models and pairing with the basic nursing skills lab and on patients under the supervision of the trainer.
Clinical practical training based on the nursing process and plan development and implementation under the supervision of the trainer.
• Practical training in problem solving method.
• Studying and evaluating a case and presenting it by a group of students under the supervision of the trainer (Ward class).
• Case study: The student conducts a case study and submits it to the trainer for evaluation.
• Students pass with the trainer (Nursing round) to present and discuss cases by students.
• Traffic with the medical team.
• Training on writing and evaluating reports (Nursing records & reports).
• Practical training in maternity and childhood care centers and other health centers and facilities.
• Practical training on community bases in home visits and field stays.
• Practical training to evaluate nursing care for people with special needs and the disabled, sanatoriums, correctional facilities, prisons and homes for the elderly.

Coordinator Message

Providing distinguished university education, developing the local community, paying attention to applied scientific research, adopting the scientific approach in nursing management, ensuring its sustainability, and instilling virtuous values based on true religion and heritage.

Dr.Islah mohammed alradi