In the Name of ALLA The merciful and compassinate and the prayers for his messenger our profet Mohammed peace be upon him, It is pleasure to greet all our College and those who are connecting with us on-line and dealing with our web. Site all over the world. As Sudanese people always care a lot for education both government and community a good number of universities and university colleges both governmental and private have been established that facilitated the enrollment of a good number of the Sudanese students in different higher education programs. The graduated students of these higher education institutes now are participating in our national developmental projects and programs and even regionally and the international labour market and conducting postgraduate studies in well known international universities . Dar Elolum for Science and Technology Collage stepping forwards to provide quality education established five years ago achieved a good progress, in all fields of the education systems. The web site is for research and academic connections that fulfill the commitments concerning the information technology and globalization, which made the universities an open space for all. The web sites come as an area for continuous evaluation reflecting the best quality of education and the educational services. It is known that the website is always meant to be the connection between our staff and students to convey our higher education message and to provide the educational knowledge and providing good environment for the whole academic process around the clock .where ever students are and whenever it has to be provided. At the same time we are aiming also to offer the best practice for professional development by our training centre for all types of academic programs. This can be as direct or virtual learning. The college of Dar Eloloum for Science and Technology is always aiming to achieve the best quality education. One of our important departments is the quality assurance department which follow the national, regional and the international quality standards. Finally I would like to thank all college staff and special thanks for those who made this work reality to convey our message to students and all our clients . Our thanks first and last to Alla the most merciful and compassionate.

Professor. Omer Mohamed Altoum Alshami