The Board of Trustees is responsible for making decisions and carrying out the objectives of the institution. For this purpose, it has the following functions:
A- Nominate their candidacy for approval.
b- Laying down the foundation plans and upgrading them academically, administratively and financially.
C- Attracting financial resources.
d- Supervising the financial and administrative committee.
h- Leave the budget for the computer.
F- Appointing the legal auditor for the discussions and discussions of his annual report.
G- Conclusion of contracts and agreements.
Approving the appointment of the occupants of the institution's senior administrative positions and their functions.
J- Approve the conditions of service of the workers.
K- Determine the papers and responsibilities of the occupants of the higher leadership scientific and administrative positions.
L- Determine tuition fees.
M- Tuition scholarships.
N- Allocating an estimated percentage (not less than 25%) of the surplus financial return for the development of development.
Q- Approval of new academic programs based on the recommendation of the Council in preparation for submitting them to the final stage committee.
Agreeing to agreeing to agreeing.
Q- Issuing administrative regulations that regulate the work of the Corporation.
By suspending the study in the objective ...
S- Submitting an annual report on the financial, administrative and scientific institution of the Committee.
T- Draw up regulations to organize his work.