Eng. Abdul Wahed Ali Ahmed
Tasks and powers :
1. Studying the projects proposed to be implemented in the college from the technical aspects and economic feasibility and approving them in their initial stages in coordination with the relevant authorities.
2. Preparing studies and engineering designs, preparing specifications, calculating quantities and estimated costs of construction prices for all buildings affiliated with the college, maintaining them, reviewing what is prepared by other parties and approving them before submitting them to the Tender Committee.
3. Studying and evaluating the geographical locations and proposed lands for new construction and investment sites from a technical and administrative point of view.
4. Implementation and follow-up of the stages of the map directed to the college through investment bodies and engineering expertise houses based on the assigned strategies and interim goals.
5. Review the extent of conformity between what is stipulated in the contracts signed with investors and contractors and the reality of implementation and take all measures to follow up on tests, checks and measurements to ensure conformity of the agreed terms.
6. Participation in the initial and final handover of engineering works and projects, and approval of the project's final receipt certificates from the contractor.
7. Develop plans for the periodic needs of preventive maintenance for all college buildings and ensure that they are implemented with the required efficiency with the competent authorities.
8. Maintain all documents, forms, records, agreements, contracts and technical specifications related to consultants and contractors, and prepare periodic engineering reports on the implementation status of construction projects.
9. Participate in the selection of contractors and companies with the relevant authorities, for all the work of the college.
10. Preparing the interim and final disbursements according to the project completion stages {Engineer Certificate}.
11. Any work assigned to him by the dean or Principle.