The College of Dar El Oloum and Technology pays great attention to quality and development processes in its belief in the role of these processes in supporting the college’s relentless pursuit to achieve its mission and achieve its vision in accordance with the strategic plan, which is a road map for the college to achieve its future ambitions due to its confidence that continuous development, and commitment to quality standards in all outputs of higher education institutions One of the most important ways to upgrade these institutions and invest them to contribute to the development and prosperity of society.


The College’s Quality and Development Department plays an important role in leading the development movement by providing support to all its units in everything related to planning and development processes, administrative and academic quality, and strategic planning. The administration also supports the creation and implementation of development projects in the college. The administration has adopted quality, both in theory and in practice, for the continuous improvement and development of the college, and the consolidation of the culture and comprehensiveness of the application of quality, so that quality becomes one of the basic work values ​​in all the activities of the college. The college has made great efforts in various quality tracks to carry out basic transformation and development processes for quality performance, by preparing ambitious plans characterized by quality and excellence and improving the performance of the college, and through its quest to obtain national and international accreditations and certificates, which require a great effort to meet those standards and requirements. The most important thing is the continuity of its preservation, through the sustainability of the practices of developing performance levels.