In addition to what was stated in the founding of the College of Science and Technology and other accompanying regulations the principle shall have the following duties:

1.   Maintain all documents, records and ownership documents for the assets of the college.

2.   Follow up on the implementation of the recommendations and decisions of the College Board of Trustees, its Administrative and Financial Committee, and all financial and administrative decisions.

3.   Execution of the approved budget in accordance with the ratifications issued by the competent authorities.

4.   Supervising the training of employees and their assignment to the courses.

5.   Implementation and follow-up of development projects in the college, preparing studies and evaluating proposed offers for financing, implementation and bids for projects with the relevant authorities.

6.   Develop strategies and general plans that govern the college's financial and economic relations in order to attract funding for the college's developmental projects and activities in all sectors.

7.   Supervising the application of financial and administrative work regulations and systems and developing performance in the college.

8.   Reviewing the periodic financial and administrative performance reports of the college and preparing executive summaries for the competent authorities.

9.   Setting the guidelines for the college policy towards salaries, wages and pensions in the light of the organizing laws and regulations.