The principal’s office works to make the set objectives a reality, through which the college’s vision and mission are achieved. The objectives are:

1.   Improving the work of the financial administrative and raising its efficiency

2.   Developing the college's infrastructure and making its environment attractive in accordance with international standards.

3.   Raising the level of financial and administrative services and computerizing them to keep pace with the fourth generation program adopted by the college.

4.   Applying quality standards to all services provided by the financial administration.

5.   Transparency when submitting financial and tax reports.

6.   Rationalizing expenditures and developing regulations to keep pace with developments that would raise efficiency and achieve financial balance.

7.   Develop plans and programs to maximize revenues.

8.   Enhancing security and safety to protect the college's property.

9.   Creating an attractive and stimulating work environment for serious and responsible performance.

10.Sponsoring and motivating creative work.