Supervisor: Mr. Abdel Qader Ismail

He shall be responsible to the principle and shall have the following tasks:
1. Securing transportation and ensuring the access of staff and labours to and from the college.
2. Follow-up of the college's maintenance operations (electricity - communications - lighting).
3. Follow up the implementation of bids for small works with the relevant authorities.
4. Upgrading the college environment in all its forms.
5. Providing electrical supply to colleges, classrooms and all college buildings.
6. Providing fuel, oil change, washing, lubrication, maintenance, insurance and licensing of college’s cars and machines
7. Applying the college's public safety procedures.
8. Qualifying and training drivers and organizing their vacations in coordination with the departments of their units.
9. Perform any other work assigned to him within the limits of his job duties and responsibilities.