Jan 19, 2023 894

College Council convening No. 1 for the year 2023

The College Council held its first periodic meeting in 2023 on Sunday 15/1/2023 in the Conference hall of the college. The meeting ratified the minutes of the previous meeting and the status of implementation of its decisions. Dr. Mohammed Adam Manfal, Secretary of Academic  Affairs, informed the Council about the admission and registration of new students and the willingness to evaluate and implement the study plan for all college programs such as Information Technology, Medical laboratories, Administrative Sciences, law, Economy  and Banking Studies. The Dean of the College also provided an information on the steps taken to accredit the programme of Medicine and Surgery by the Sudanese Medical Council.The principal Dr. Ali  Widaa also gave an information on the budget for 2023. He also informed the board of what had been approved for the purchase of new training equipment.