Mar 02, 2023 793

Dar eloluom college for Science and Technology holds the reception of its new students

.The College at its headquarters in Lalamab, south of Khartoum, in the morning of Tuesday, February 28, 2023, in the college buildings, organized the annual program to receive new students.   In this reception it honoured Dr.  Mohammad Al-Dhi Hammad, coordinator of the medical laboratories program at the college, and P Sarah Youssef Al-Tayeb, director of the Admissions and Certificates Department at the college, and the exemplary worker Nada Nour Allah Al-Ajab.  The ceremony was addressed by Professor Omar Mohammad Al-Tom Al-Shami, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Professor Ibrahim Muhammad Adam, Dean of the College, and Professor Ibrahim Adam Ahmed Al-Dakhiri, Director General of the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development  , the guest of honor at the ceremony.  Everyone stressed the importance of these celebrations, which show the college's march, its development, and its partnerships with universities and related institutions.  From inside and outside the country, where with the same ceremony a memorandum of understanding was signed between the College, Al-Jazeera Training Center and Dotech Smart Solutions Company.  All of them praised the continuous development of the College and its strategic plans to continue in excellence.They emphasized the importance of these celebrations and the good impact and memories they leave in the hearts of the students and their families. In addition, the college continues to revive the year of honoring the personalities who contributed to its progress