Mar 02, 2023 278

Dar El oloum College for Science and Technology celebrates the reception of students’ 7th batch.

Dar El oloum College for Science and Technology has celebrated the reception of the students 7th batch recently enrolled in the college this year under the patronage of Prof. Omer Mohammed Altom Alshami the chairperson of the trustee’s board and honored by the attendance of Ibrahim Adam Ahmed Albkri the general director of Arab Organization for Agriculture development, Dr. Eltayeb Ali Ahmed the vice-chancellor of El Geneina University and the college’s teaching staff. The representative of the foreign student asserted their happiness of registration in the college and applauded the celebration under the slogan “we will remain as the sun giving light and never be absent. The representative of the Sudanese students affirmed their happiness to join the college which is one of the oldest colleges in Sudan added that “it is the first step of glory thanking all the teaching staffs.”