Mar 14, 2023 927

Professor Ibrahim Mohamed Adam writes: Dareloloum College for Science's and Technology honors the comprehensive media man Aref Hamdan

In the framework of its annual celebration of the new students’ reception the college has organized great cultural carnival included many official speeches for the Sudanese and foreign students. The celebration was addressed by Prof . Omer Mohammed Altoum the chairperson of the trustees’ board as well as the dean of the college. The celebration had many artistic and cultural activities, honoring many outstanding characters who participate in the college development from inside and abroad such as Prof Ibrahim El Dekheri the general director of Arab Organization for Agriculture Development and distinguish media man Arif Mohummed Ahmed Hamdan media advisor to the college, And Dr. Mohammed Eldai Hamad the coordinator of Medical laboratories’ program , Mrs Sarra Yousif Altayb Abourof  , the chair of admission and certificates in the academic affairs and ideal worker women Nada Nourallah Alagib. Regarding the honoring of the remarkable Sudanese, Arab, African media man Arif Mohummed Ahmed Hamdan,to those who do not  know him he is cultured encyclopedic person you can give him any title in any cultural , religious , economic or political themes and then let him talk ,he will talk as specialist thus he receives many esteemed awards locally and Arab region deservedly and worthily.