Jan 10, 2023 613

The approval of the trustees’ board and administrative, financial committee.

Dar Eloloum College for Science and Technology has held the meeting of administrative and financial committee, which was chaired by Prof. Omer Mohammed Altoum , the chairperson of the trustees’ board . The meeting has reviewed the administrative and financial reports of the year 2022, presented by Prof. Ibrahim Mohammed Adam the dean of the college and Dr. Ali Widda the College agent. Moreover the committee has approved the budget proposal of the year 2023 presented by Mrs Rabia Ahmed Ibrahim financial Controller of the college. And in the same fence the College board of trustees has held its 10th periodical meeting on 9-1-2023 in the meeting hall, attended by the chairperson and members of the board, in his speech Prof Omer Mohammed Eltoum has appreciated the achievements of the previous year represented in academic stability, admission of considerable number of students and foreign students in addition to the expansion of the program, caring of quality by native initiating self –evaluation project of the medicine and surgery program so as to be accredited by the Sudan medical council. In the same meeting Prof Ibrahim Mohammed Adam talked about the achievements in buildings representing in halls, labrotaries, rehabilitation of the building and planning for the higher education programs. In this meeting the budget of 2023 approved.